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 About Mimosa Ministry, Inc. 

Mimosa Ministry is a public supported non-profit organization, founded in 1998 by Bethel Chang, 1998 Delaware State Mother of the year. This Ministry has established the following as its mission goals:

  1. Strengthen Christian faith through testimony and publishing.
  2. Help people with disabilities to share their talents, further develop their potentials and participate fully in Christian Ministry.
  3. Promote Christian ministry through music.
  4. Do multi-language translations for Christian literature.
  5. Provide Nursing Home Ministry.

As part of this ministry Bethel and her husband share their experience of raising their very special son, Randy. Randy was born with "Down's Syndrome" and is legally blind. However, with the Grace of the Lord, and his own personal determination, Randy has excelled far beyond what anyone could ever have imagined. Their experience is vividly recorded in Bethel's publication --  "Light into Dawn - Randy's Miracle" (both in English and in Chinese), and a documentary DVD, "Waterwheel -- The Story of Randy.". 

Mimosa Ministry is committed to share the message of faith, hope and love that we received from our Lord, Jesus Christ.



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Documentary Movie DVD  Waterwheel --The Story of Randy Chang-- V

Randy Chang Piano Solo

Testimony by Randy Chang

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